​Bakersfield Adult School

CNA program

The School has 4 sessions available throughout the year and each CNA course schedule costs around $800, which can be paid in 3 installments.The student will get both in-classroom and clinical hands-on experience to get knowledge about all the duties of a CNA and upon successful completion of the course, you would become eligible for state competency examination to get certified as a Nurse Assistant.

Students must fulfill all the requirements to enroll in this course such as having a high school diploma, having a score of 7.0 in the TABE Mathematics and Reading Tests, No criminal background and a Clear TB Check. To check further requirements, click the button below.

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​Bakersfield College/Nursing

Certified nursing aide

Becoming a caregiver, and serving the humanity is the main role of a Nursing Assistant, which includes various activities like safety of the patients, recording vital signs, and handling emergency  situations etc. All these duties are well taught at Bakersfield College, and the CNA course at this college prepares the students to take on a competency exam, which once cleared will provide you a certification of CNA.

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​Preferred College of Nursing

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​Cellan Central Valley College

CNA Classes

To get enrolled in Cellan Central Valley College, you must be 16 years of age, and must know how to write/read English Language. Also, a Photo ID and SS Number should also be presented along with a clear TB Check or Chest X-Ray.

The Student must also bring a Nursing Assistant TextBook and Workbook which ca either be bought via the College Itself or, the students can also buy it on their own.

Total duration of the Course is 160 hours.

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  • 2828 H. St. Suite B, Bakersfield CA 93301

​SJVC Bakersfield (Licensed Vocational Nursing and RN)

Certified nursing assistant classes

If you are already a CNA, and want to pursue your education further to become a Licensed Vocational Nursing or a Registered Nurse, please checkout this College by clicking on the button below.

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​Regional Occupation Center

certified nursing assistant programs

ROC's course duration is 1 year of training which covers all the aspects of patient care, instructions about handling the equipment, recording vital signs. Once the Course gets completed, you will be granted with a Healthcare provider CPR certification, and you will become eligible to sit in the competency exam, which ultimately will make you a certified nursing assistant, if cleared.

The Course incorporates 365 hours of theoretical study and 175 hours of clinical training to get the best quality learning about the profession.

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