​​Chippewa Valley Technical College

CNA Training Program

The course here comprises of versatile teaching as it includes in-classroom learning, hands-on learning in the Lab and clinical training. The program teaches all the responsibilties of a CNA which includes body mechanics, patient care procedures, nutrition, ethics etc.

The course schedlue is also flexbile. Chippewa Valley Technical College provides CNA training during January, June and August. The approximate cost of the program is $568.

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​Dove Healthcare

Nurse Assistant Training

Dove Healthcare requires you to be atleast 16 years of age for admission and once enrolled, you must have an attendance for the complete 120 hours of the course schedule. You are also required to carry a watch with a second hand on it. There are certain other requirements which need to be met for enrollement. Please checkout the website page by clicking the button below.

Upon successful completion of the course, you would become eligible to sit in a stae competency exam by submitting an extra fee of $125 (Not required if you are enrolled in the WisCaregiver Career Program).

Total approximate cost of the program is $650. CNA classes are run throughout the year, you can chose your class schedule accordingly.

Dove Healthcare Contact (Phone Number, Email and Other details)

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