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Central Learning Adult Education

The School has a Nurse assistant Training Program which cost around $170 that develops the right skills  to get employed in the nursing sector.  The individual needs to pass a technical employment class first after you register for the NATP Class. Failing to pass this class will make you ineligible for the Program.

Duration of this Nurse Aide course is 6 weeks and the students would need to have 100 hours attendance in the clinical classes to complete the program. Attendance is most important for this nursing training program otherwise you would be dropped out of the course.

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​Fresno Adult School

Fresno Adult School

Fresno Unified Organization offers the CNA Course as a part of its Career Technical Education program. It integrates all the basic duties of a CNA like bathing, feeding, checking patients and the course consists of both theory and practical training.

1. High School Certificate
2. CTE Orientation
3. TABE Assesment with passing score.

To know more about other admission requirements click the button below or dial (559) 457-60002.

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​​Nursing Assistant Training Academy ​

CNA Responsibilities

CNA academy offers a comprehensive Nursing Assistant course that costs around $950 ($50 is Non-Refundable Application fee). There are certain entrance requirements that the student would need to fulfill. Few of them are as follows:
1. Students must show a valid California ID and their Social Security Number.

2. No Criminal Background.

3. Latest TB Skin Test along with Physical Examination. (Not older than 90 days prior to the date of application)

4. Applicant must be 16 years or older.

5. Students must be proficient in both reading and writing English.

Tuition Fee does not includes uniform, books and other expenses. Click on More Information to know other admission requirements.

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​Milan Institute

Milan Institute

Milan Institute provides the training in select campuses which includes Las vegas and Reno-Sparks in the city of Nevada. You can call at 888-207-9460  to know more about the course.

The Course will prepare the individual to work in various healthcare facilities and as per the US department of Labor, nursing assistant workforce is assumed to grow at a rate faster than ever from 2018 to 2026 when compared to other occupations.

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