​Maine College of Health Professions

CNA Responsibilities

MCHP nursing assistant course consists of 70 hours of clinical training, and 40 to 50 hours of classroom and online teaching schedule. You will be prepared to work under different circumstances in the healthcare industry.

Student must complete an online application for enrollement, and a $50 fee submission is required during application. There are certain educational qualifications which you need to fulfill for admission. Checkout them in detail at the website page by clicking the button below.

Minimum age requirement is 18 years to become eligible for the admission to the course.

Maine College of Health Professions Contact (Phone Number, Email and Other details)

Maine College of Health Professions Address

​Lewiston Regional Technical Center

Nurse Assistant Training

Students who wants to join CNA program at Lewiston Regional Technical Center must be atleast 16 years of age by the first day of joining the program. He/she must also be able to show a proof of immunization along with a no criminal background is mandatory.

The pupil must also be free from use of any kind of drug or alcohol. He/she must also be able to read and understand written and oral content.

Read complete requirements in detail at the college website below.

Total duration of the course is 180 hours which is divided in to 90 hours of theoretical teaching, 20 hours of hands-on lab experience and 70 hours of clinical training.

Students are required to maintain an average grade/score of 70 during the course.

Lewiston Regional Technical Center Contact (Phone Number, Email and Other details)

Lewiston Regional Technical Center Address

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