How to write an entry level CNA resume

Writing an entry-level CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) resume itself can be a tricky subject if you don’t know how to or have never made a resume or are applying for a job for the first time. There is a specific CNA resume objective path that you can follow to create that winning edge for yourself and something that will set you apart from the other new candidates. Follow the below guidelines in the order of there presentation.

Things To Include in a CNA Resume

To create a resume that stands out of the pile first ask yourself, what is it that I must have to create this resume? And then start accumulation all the information that you require on a rough paper in the form of reminding pointers. The first part of any resume for that matter is your personal and contact information like your full name, contact information, home address and an email address. Please make sure you provide the interviewer with the correct and latest information, as that will be verified, and most healthcare centres have a zero tolerance policy for such mistakes or oversight.


In not more than 2-3 sentences, try to describe yourself, in a nutshell, choosing that are relatable to a CNA job description and identifies with a CNA resume skills set. Use word forms of empathy, compassion, hard work, caring etc. For example: “A compassionate and reliable CNA with excellent and proficient CPR skills and documentation capabilities seeking an entry level opportunity in the healthcare space. Easy going and eager to work in various settings of the field.”

Certifications and Licenses

Make a list of all your qualifications and licenses, no matter how significant you think they are or not and put them down along with all your skills. Also, mention any awards or recognition if you have received in school or while completing your graduation relevant to the CNA job description for a resume. This list shows an employer that you’re not all talk, but also have substantiated paperwork to back it up and invokes a certain level of confidence towards your resume. Be sure to keep ready the copies or in original, all of the CNA certificates and licenses that you have listed and enclose them with the resume as proof if required.


This is one part of your resume that should highlight every positive skill that you possess or have attained in the course of your training and as a person. It is proof to a health care employer that you as a person, separate from the paperwork are a perfect candidate for a CNA job. Put down skills like Proficiency in performing CPR, First-aid skills, understanding of your medical terms, people skills, your friendly and polite nature, willingness to know and learn etc.


Certified Nursing Assistant Job


Since this guide is for entry-level CNA, you must start with your extern and clinical experience along with the exact dates of being employed. Also, state the job description that you handled on point, at these jobs. For example: “was responsible for assisting with the overall care of several elderly patients right from their bath to feeding, changing and documentation.” Apart from the field relevant experience, do also state in brief all the other jobs you’ve had in the past. This shows an employer your habit of working and commitment towards a work life. You can also provide a few references from past employers who you are confident of will talk good of you if verified. References also portray confidence and strength in your resume.


This is the last part of your resume where you can show off all those years of training and studying you have invested in order to reach where you are. List down all, your past schools and institutes in descending order from the latest Graduation institute/school going downwards year wise creating a chain of study pattern. Education is highly judged by medical professionals as it shows the kind and quality of training that you have been provided.

Things To avoid in a professional CNA resume

• Avoid using immature, old, funny or childish email addresses. Make a new one if you do not yet have a professional one.
• Do not list any qualifications or certifications you cannot provide proof of.
• Any skill that you do not posses must be avoided from the list as it will at some point come back to you.
• Do not use fake paperwork to prove your education simply to decorate your resume.

By following the above tips and guides simply, one can create for them an extraordinary entry-level CNA resume with no experience that will put you in the spotlight. Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it honest.

CNA resume sample links for reference:

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