Today, more and more Americans are becoming concerned about their health and thus seek medical attention. If you are interested in nursing, then this is the best time to get into the profession. With numerous institutions offering CNA courses across all states, you can no longer claim that CNA classes are not readily available near you.

Why You Should Enroll to the Best CNA Schools

It’s true there numerous schools in the U.S. offering CNA courses. In fact, most of these schools are now offering online programs to train you in the comfort of your home. However, it is important that you enroll with the best schools. Note that the quality of training is vital in dealing with the challenges of the nursing assistant profession. Additionally, most employers will only employ CNAs who have been trained in schools that are fully accredited.

The Top 5 CNA Institutions in the United States

  1. American Red Cross
    The American Red Cross has been offering CNA courses for over two decades. Courses are offered at the institution’s branches found across the nation and are considered to be the best CNA school worldwide. Tuition fees vary from one branch to another but generally run from $670 to $1900.
  2. York College
    Established in 1967, York College is a liberal arts and science school. The school provides a wide range of programs, including health and business-related courses. York’s College CNA curriculum has theoretical instructions, practical applications in clinical settings as well as internships that prepare the students to pass the CNA Examination for the New York State Department of health.

    The cost of the program is highly affordable as one can complete the program for under $1300. The program entails 90 hours of classroom and lab instructions as well as a 30-hour externship.
  3. Century College
    Century College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It offers Associate degree programs, diplomas and certificates in over 40 areas of study. CNA classes are done online. Students are however required to attend labs and clinical rotations at a long-term healthcare facility. After completing the course, students are required to take a National Certification exam to become a certified nursing assistant. The fee for the online program is $185 per credit hour.
  4.  Career Colleges of America
    Career Colleges of America is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. The school offers numerous courses including courses on nursing and patient health, safety measures and infection control as well as courses on dealing with patient and communication. The entire training program costs around $2,400. Students must complete a clinical externship so as to graduate.
  5.  Maine Medical Center
    Maine Medical Center provides an 11 weeks daytime program to train students to become CNAs. All students are required to take the Maine Certification exam once they have completed the program. The cost of the program, including books, is covered by the Maine Medical Center.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Even though CNAs do not require a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree, specific training is still needed. Remember you will be responsible for the care of others, thus it is essential to understand the right procedures and protocol. CNA certification classes prepare students for their state licensure examinations. The exams measure your nursing knowledge, skills and judgment.

The Certified Nursing Assistant programs will teach how to care for patients in a wide range of ways. Even if you did not pay attention to physiology and anatomy during high school, CNA training will cover these topics thoroughly. You will learn about the different body systems, ranging from the endocrine system, digestive system to the nervous system.

Prerequisites for the CNA Program

One of the main benefits of a CNA program is the limited requirements you need to before enrolling. If your educational background is minimal and you may want to work in the medical industry, CNA is the best option.

Each institution is different, but you can typically expect the following prerequisites:

· A GED or high school diploma

· Some programs may require you to have a past health care work industry experience, such as being an aide in a hospital

· You should be at least 18 years of age ( Some states consider students having 16 years also eligible

· You should not have any involvement in criminal activities in the past

· Proficiency in English is compulsory

· You should have certain traits, such as empathy, compassion, caring attitude and emotional stability

· Should not be pregnant

Course of CNA Education Programs

CNA certification classes are divided into two portions: in-class learning and clinical practice. The in-class learning sessions cover the following topics:

· Medical terms

· Preventative healthcare measures

· Anatomy

· Legal and ethical issues in nursing

· General healthcare

· Physiology

· Human bodily functions

· Basic nutrition

· Emergency measures

· Mental health disorders

· Patient rights

Clinical sessions instill skills such as

· Record keeping

· Taking care of basic nutrition

· Repositioning patients

· Basic hygiene and patient care

· Infection control

· Grooming and feeding patients

· Bed making

· Recording vital signs, like temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate

· Proper medication

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